Sports Ramps
Sports Ramps

Sports ramps are another great example of a temporary event structure that requires bespoke engineering and build due to the unique loads placed on them. For example, a temporary ski ramp must take into account the tons of temporary snow along with the movement and weight of the skiers, while BMX or skateboard ramps need to withstand random forces applied by these extreme sports.

The success of these projects begins with our in-house CAD designers and structural engineers, taking careful consideration of ramp angles and sub-structure, and finishes with our installation team where attention to detail to ensure working drawings are strictly adhered to and an accurate finish to give smooth surfaces for safe sporting action.

From the many projects we have undertaken, a great example would be the 40m high, 80m long ski/snowboard ramp we created for Relentless’ Freeze festival in Battersea, London. 

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