Mission complete for Serious at Bluedot

A Serious Stages Case Studies of Bluedot Festival

Project Info:

  • Dates: 18 July-21 October 2019
  • Duration: Four days
  • Client: Bluedot Festival
  • Location: Jodrell Bank Observatory
For the festival’s 50th anniversary of the moon landing celebrations Bluedot Festival contracted us to supply numerous site structures for an ‘out of this world’ event at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, July 2019.
The focal point of the festival came at the unusual time of 3:56am Sunday morning, exactly 50 years to the day from the original landing. We designed and installed four bespoke projector towers to enable the archive footage of Apollo 11’s journey to be beamed onto the renowned Lovell telescope, creating a 360-degree view of creative projections for the captivated crowd.
Situated beneath the famous 76m telescope, we also supplied a 19m Supernova main stage, which saw headline acts such as Hot Chip, Kraftwerk and New Order perform to 35,000 people across the course of the weekend. 
Along with this, we provided an assisted viewing platform, four x 9m satellite PA speaker towers and a front of house structure, to help the visionary four-day festival achieve its mission to entertain and inspire the audience about the wonders of the cosmos.