Film and TV Stages
Film and TV Stages
Serious Stages has designed and manufactured a range of specialist temporary buildings, called the SuperStage range, produced specifically for the Film and TV industry.
Serious SuperStages are a proven solution for use as temporary Film and TV Stages.  
The range incorporates the Supernova, Space and Meganova stages, which range through standard sizes 10,000 and 20,000 sq feet (1,000 sq m and 2,000 sq m) up to 100,000 sq feet (10,000 sq m).
Key characteristics of these expansive free span spaces include:
  • Fast construction in one month with no planning permission, can stay up for over ten years 
  • High engineering standards with weight loading capacity from 50 ton to 100 ton, to accommodate dynamic aerial stunts, with full wind and snow load capacities
  • A fully integrated steel I-beam grid system akin to permanent sound stages, 50 ft (15m) floor to grid height, incorporating gantry walkways and stair access
  • Heavy duty steel grid flooring installed over any gradient, to take 15 ton plus vehicles
  • Doors - roller shutter doors up to 60 feet wide, access and fire doors
  • Sound proofing and insulation – up to 50db reduction in noise levels and thermal insulation
The SuperStage range is manufactured in the UK at Serious’ HQ in Somerset to C.E. Guidelines (the highest manufacturing certification in the UK) 
The first temporary film stage Serious was involved in was covering the set for the film Predator in Hungary in 1983.  This was an orbit building some 1,000msq.  Star Wars launch followed in a Space building on the banks of the River Thames in the 1990’s. 
Other films we have covered include Edward Scissorhands; Murder On The Orient Express; Tribecca Film Festival in the UAE; and more recently, Project 85 and The Festival. 
We have supplied sound stages for four major Hollywood films in the last two years. The nature of the NDA’s we sign mean we won’t be naming them and rest assured we will treat your projects with the same respect and discretion.
Serious offer many other related products to help with your film set up, including blue/green screen technology up to 40ft (12m) high.